Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jeans Fantastic!

Thats what I want for New Years, and by that I mean, I want to be her, have those thighs, legs, and thin waist be able to wear jeans and look sexy like that!!!  Panties are to die for and that ass, AMAZING!! I want it badd!!!

Yes yes, and more yes, not too much, just perfect, have i mention how much i wish i was her??? hehe


Absolutely Inviting, lovely combination!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Pants!! I absolutely love them!! they're tight in all the right places! I think they also make my ass look good! Im also wearing lace bra and matching panties underneath, I went out for a smoke while wearing my new sexy outfit, wig and all, I felt so feminine, and I love it!

this is who I felt I was while smoking
and wearing sexy outfits!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Must Have Outfits!

All white dress, panties, and stockings, yess please!! Maybe for a night in the town!

I love the black and white combination, I could wear it for work anyday!

Im crazy about tight pants that show my curves, this is an absolute yes for me!!

Lovely dress with black stockings, yumm!! look at those panties, I want them!!

Pink and black!! yess!! lovely black pantyhose and high heels, to die for!!!

So inviting!! pantyhose, tight dress and yummy pantiesss!! mine mine!!!

Decision Decisions....

I found this picture of this 3 super sexy gals, and they are all wearing super cutre executive type outfits (my faves!). I'm not sure which one would i wear to work tomorrow. The one on the left its hot because of the tailored pants, I loove pants!!, but the one in the middle has this super soft sexy satin blouse, and it would just feel amazing against my bra covered breasts!!, the third one has a cute jacket and a very sophisticated red top...soo complicated they all look so good, and I loove all their outfits so much....decision decisions....

Ok..I think I made my took some thinking and debating..but I'm wearing the one on the rights outfit..mainly because of the stockings, and because she's wearing the nice cock on her crotch!! hehe I could exchange bodies with her right now!!! yaaayyy!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pajama Mama!!

It's time to put on my pajamas and go watch some TV, it's being a looong day and I need a lil break.. I'm gonna put on my new pink bottoms, theyre really comfortable and cute, problem is I always get real horny while wearing I'm not gonna be surprised if i end up putting a dildo in my tight hole and pretend Im a girl being fucked by a real hard yummy cock...yay for being girly and horny all day!!!!

Yes!! The joys of being an exhibitionist! hehe This is actually a picture of me, I had to photoshop myself into a fantasy... I'd loove to go to a bar and give the boys a good ole show, showing my lace panties and my sexy ass, then getting into crazy rough sex in the pool table, ripping my pantyhose and sliding my panties to the side...mmmm yesss!!

Ohh yess babe!! make me your girl tonight, I want to be your slut, make me feel feminine, I want it!!give it to me!! mmmmm I can only dream! hehe

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I absolutely adore this picture! It's always been one of my biggest fantasies! I loove the stockinga dngarter belt, and look at those sexy lace panties, high heels are amazing!! soo sexy and feminine, a nice invitation for a hard cock to be pressed against my panty covered butt!!

and got it right, this would be the goal!! I want to be her sooo bad!! wish I had a pussy!! LOL

My kind of sport!

Absolutely my kind of sport, can you imagine wearing those uniforms!! wow, showing my ass in public, yumm!! I want to be one of them!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tights, and Leggings!!

Why do girls get to have all the fun??!! I want to wear tights and leggings too!! Super tight, showing my ass and the fabric wrapping my pussy so well, you can see the shape of my girly clit,(loove cameltoes!!) I looove this fashion!!

Besides it feels so good to have a hard cock pressing against your ass while while grinding you in the dance floor!!!


I'm a big fan of stockings and pantyhose , and often fantasize of having sex as a girl while wearing a sexy pair, I found this pics online and absolutely portray what I had in my mind... a nice hard cock pressing against my butt while wearing tight sexy pantyhose drives me insane!!

...and of course, how could I forget the high heels! a very important part of wearing sexy pantyhose, and of course a great way to help lift that butt for better cock access!! wrapping my lipstick painted lips around a hard throbbing cock while looking that sexy..oohh my god!! I sooo want to be her right now!! lol

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stockings and Lingerie Blog | Secrets In Lace: Seeing Red…

Stockings and Lingerie Blog | Secrets In Lace: Seeing Red…: …and just in time for the holidays! Our original BettieLeopard Collection in black has been so exciting in the past that we decided to make...
Sooooo sexy they have the sexiest, most amazing lingerie sets, I'm a big fan of them!!

thats soo me!!

Alright, so I've definitley done that before, prancing around the room in sexy lingerie, looking at myself in the mirror and feeling girly, feminine!! I just wish I had her body, she is soo pretty and super hott!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Funday!!

Here I am, it's sunday and I'm feeling soo girly, Im wearing panties and a dress... I was thinking on who I'd like to be right now, and stumbled upon this picture of this super sexy girl, wearing pink booty shorts and a pink top, Fantastic!! I soo want it!!

Another one of my Sunday dreams!! Bridal Lingerie!! I loove the whole set, the stocking white tiny panties, the corset, sooo feminine!! Imagine the fun I could have with one of those!!

....and YES!! this is the kind of fun Im talking about!!Yuuumm!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

wish it was me!!

Another one of my dreams, I'd love to have a body like that, just prancing around the mall buying new clothes, showing my ass while wearing tight jeans!!! yumm!!

Awesome video, very informative, and she is superhot!! I would love to have her body, shes got great tits, thick legs, just how i like it!! I'd be wearing sexy outfits all day long if I had her body!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

More of Me!!

Just one more of me...wearing hello kitty panties and skin toned pantyhose....fantasizing about flashing outdoors!!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

H is for hoe, hose and heels!!

Here's another one, Im having so much fun being Sexy Leslie!! Loving it! the way pantyhose feels, and wearing tight panties and revealing sexy short skirt!! yumm!! Im gonna stay like this all day today!!! yayyy!!

Girly weekend started awesome!! all day wearing pantyhose and my new heels!! I had to share!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sexy Outfit!I

Just an outfit I'd like to wear maybe to go out to the club!! Super sexy short bra of course!! a satin thong..(to properly flash the boys) and high sexy heels, gotta get that butt and chest out!!! I want it now!! like it???


OK, so first let me thank to whoever invented DVR and photoshop!! While watching Melissa & Joey show, of course looking at the sexy dressed Melissa wears I notice what it could be an upskirt moment..I paused and got close to the TV, andI could def get a glimpse of panties there!! a bit dark I took a picture and brought it into photoshop to see if I could brighten it and play with the features, and OMG immediate boner!! Thanks for a wonderful upskirt shot!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Porn pics of Futa and Traps (Page 2)

Porn pics of Futa and Traps (Page 2)

Heels, Pumps!!! yayy!!

So, I've recently got me a couple of sexy high heels to add to my sexy outfits collection, I am loooving the feel of wearing them, makes me feel sooo feminine, its a bit difficult to walk in them, and I know its gonna take some practice... I love how I immediately begin to walk differently my posture its soo much more feme, chest out, butt out!! I like to wear them with pantyhose and of course a short skirt or sexy lingerie!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Definitely a keeper, so cute and sexy, I love the see through thong, the material its very inviting, I'd wear that under a light colored dress and I'd put on skin clor pantyhose and maybe light pink pumps, loving it!!

Ok so just testing as my first post..I found this sexy piece of lingerie that I'd love to have!!