Saturday, December 8, 2012

Late night walk...

Not too long ago I got my new pair of Leggings ! and yes!! as soon as i got them i put them on! I looove them! I decided to put them on with a sweatshirt and go out for a walk at night. Needless to say they feel absolutely great, all tucked in and my thong in place off i went walking down the street fantasizing about all kinds of crazy things... my first thought was that i might run into someone else who decided to out for a walk late at night... he would say hi to me and start making small talk...and then you know...

From Small talk to giving blowjobs and making out..... to full on getting fucked..hard..deep...ooohhhh


Another Day Goes By...

ok, so im about to go to sleep, but i felt like i had to write something before. Like always, I am SUPER HORNY, thinking about girls and how  they make me feel..obsessed! I want their bodies, i want to touch them feel them, fuck them, i want to be them!! I want to be able to wear tight jeans, short shorts, yoga pants, and have the fabric pressed so tight against my body it shows my well defined curves, wrapping around my sweet pussy lips. 

I want to put on my panties, my pants, and a tank top and simply go out out on the street, shopping for groceries, go to the mall, simple stuff, nothing sexual, just an everyday girl... sometimes I'd love to be a bit more adventurous, again, nothing too crazy, maybe wear a thong and my tights, showing a little camel-toe, and the roundness of my ass... I'd wear a matching bra and panties, a tight tank-top where people can definitely see my nipples getting hard and poking out my top, my round breasts screaming for attention..., hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to play dress-up, go out for a walk and be my favorite person, SexyLeslie!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Sexy!

I'm always thankful for Halloween  it's that time of the year when I get to see all kinds of spooky and very, very sexy dressed girls!!, but best of all, it's that time when I get to fantasize about who I want to be!
From sexy and slutty bunnies to superheroes and naughty schoolgirls I get to choose and get to close my eyes and be all of them! It doesn't matter what the costume is, as long as it's slutty and very provocative. Fantasies of dressing up in sexy outfits and go out in search for a hot somebody who to share all this lust with! show my ass in sexy tiny lingerie, my legs covered in pantyhose or fishnet stockings, my breasts exposed to everyone....touching feeling hard dicks against me.....yummmmmm

....and as always the goal is to end up in the nude with a nice hard and juicy cock in all my holes!! yayy for Hoelloween!!!! ;)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thick body fantasy!

All day long I've been looking at all kinds of porn, and have been thinking about a very specific type of woman...this is the woman i'd like to be today, this type of body makes me super horny and always wishing i could have a body like that... a thick body...real thick legs and a big spankable ass, big tits, thighs to die for, I'd strut around town showing my voluptuous body to all the horny guys.... today this is who i want to be!!
I want to be taken like that, hard, deep... make me your woman!!

I wish I had that big rounded ass!!

I want to be them!!!

mmm yesss fuck my thick ass!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Schoolgirl Fantasy

I can always remember being back in high school and seeing all the girls full of energy and ready to try new things... I've always fantasize of being able to go back to those good times, where everything is new, new feelings and sensations... I remember there were always a couple of more mature girls...sluttier, more adventurous than the others. That's exactly who I'd like to be! I want to be that girl who wears her skirt too short, and doesn't wear shorts under her uniform skirt... Always "accidentally" flashing the boys, showing my pretty panty-covered ass. I can see them looking at me, looking under my skirt..trying to get close to me and trying to touch me... maybe press their bodies against mine...pressing their cocks against my ass...

The obvious next stet to me would be taking it to the next level..I want to start chatting up the boys and sneaking back into the classroom after class...fool around for a bit...feeling them, letting them touch me all over.... sliding down on them and pulling their hard throbbing cocks, begin to suck on them, learning, tasting different sizes and colors, becoming an expert cock sucking cum swallowing schoolgirl...

Once I get good at sucking cock, I want to move to my final destination of my slutty schoolgirl fantasy..I would try to get a cute teacher on my good side, flirt with him and lure him into my sexual trap..I want to get fucked by an older experienced guy, I want a real thick hard cock sliding inside me, completing me cumming in me, making me a real woman....

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Tits!! my tits!! I'm sooo in looove with them, theyre so much fun to play with and to dress them up!! a yummy 38c!

and some of this...

Friday, April 20, 2012

This is how its going down tonight!


Ok, sooo...first things first... Let's gather all my sexy clothing, heels, makeup and girly accessories.
All my favorite high heels, and lingerie are sorted out by color combinations and for different occasions...

Next Step, (and one of my favorites )  Lingerie Time!!!
Bring on the sexy panties, matching bras, silky pantyhose, stockings, garter belts and pair them up with sexy high heels..I could do this all day loong!

I want to wear a super sexy lingerie set under one of these dresses, can you imagine the surprise!! yumm!!

 And now, once all dresses up, make up on, wig...(jacked off a couple times) its of course sexy pictures time!! I'll take a multitude of self shot pics that never see the light of day btw... me in from of the mirror, just like all the sexy girls do! 

After some dancing, modeling,  looking at me in the mirror, look at my ass wearing tight outfits..silky outfits, slutty outfits!! Its time to sit down for a while and go on the amazing internet and share all my experiences with other people...maybe throw a bit of caming here and there while being Sexy Leslie....last but not least...time to fantasize about wild yummy sex...cock loving and fun times as a sexy slutty girl..I LOOOVE ITTT!!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coco Austin Tribute

Super Sexy! Love the heels, and gloves, perfect pussy!!

Out and about, looking hot, showing off perfect body!


Simple Perfection!

I want them all!!

She makes these dresses look soo good!!

Lovely body!!

I want that too!!

I've been watching Ice Loves Coco TV show and fell in love with this gorgeous girl! She is soo cool and I think she has the perfect body!! this is exactly the kind of girl I wish I was, she knows shes got a killer body and shes not afraid to show it, The things I'd do if I was her!! All I can say is I love her, and I wish I had her looks, perfect ass, gorgeous legs, fantastic boobs, beautiful face, need I say more???

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Girl me up!

 Ok, so another session its underway...panties and matching bra are in full effect...tight pants and a tight top are completing the ensemble! I'm loooving it as much as always...and like always I've been surfing the net to see who I'd like to be and situations I'd like to get into... volleyball girl its a no brainer for me!! that is just amazing!! i can only imagine wearing those super tight shorts in public....showing my ass and my covered pussy.... bending over and showing my well defined pussy to all the guys....yumm!!
Another one of today's fantasies include dressing up in super sexy clubbing outfits, short tight skirts, pantyhose, high heels...going for drinks and grinding up the boys!!! rubbing my ass against their hardened cocks...letting them feel me up as we dance...soooo amaazing!! i want it!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Night!!

Its about that time of the week....time to put on sexy outfits, makeup, and be a girly girl!! Tight outfits, stockings and pantyhose, panties, thongs, pink, lacey, slutty, sexy cock loving whore outfits galore!! Fantasies about sucking cocks and eating cum will be in order all night loong!! Let the fun begin!!

 Thats gonna be me in a little bit, no doubt!!!