Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Night!!

Its about that time of the week....time to put on sexy outfits, makeup, and be a girly girl!! Tight outfits, stockings and pantyhose, panties, thongs, pink, lacey, slutty, sexy cock loving whore outfits galore!! Fantasies about sucking cocks and eating cum will be in order all night loong!! Let the fun begin!!

 Thats gonna be me in a little bit, no doubt!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ok, lately I've been having this craze about buying new tights and leggings. I found tons of hot pictures of girls I'd like to be, but this ones caught my attention...
I love how tights conform to the shape of my body, and when I tuck in my penis, it looks as if I had a pussy, i love how they the fabric surround me tightly..I also like having pressed tight my ass, some of the fabric deep inside me... yummm how could i not love tights!!! time to buy new ones!! I can only imagine wearing them and going out....all the guys looking at my tight outfits...showing a bit of cameltoe and bending over a few times to show off my cunt from behind....

In case you were wondering what happens after a whole day of wearing girls clothes and being feminine and all that fun stuff, the thought of completing the day fully as a girl will require a gran finale! and this is what I have in mind... dont even ask for my permission rip my tights, leggings and fuck me, hard and deep... I'll get you going by wrapping my sissy lips around your hard cock... yummm!!!.