Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coco Austin Tribute

Super Sexy! Love the heels, and gloves, perfect pussy!!

Out and about, looking hot, showing off perfect body!


Simple Perfection!

I want them all!!

She makes these dresses look soo good!!

Lovely body!!

I want that too!!

I've been watching Ice Loves Coco TV show and fell in love with this gorgeous girl! She is soo cool and I think she has the perfect body!! this is exactly the kind of girl I wish I was, she knows shes got a killer body and shes not afraid to show it, The things I'd do if I was her!! All I can say is I love her, and I wish I had her looks, perfect ass, gorgeous legs, fantastic boobs, beautiful face, need I say more???

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Girl me up!

 Ok, so another session its underway...panties and matching bra are in full effect...tight pants and a tight top are completing the ensemble! I'm loooving it as much as always...and like always I've been surfing the net to see who I'd like to be and situations I'd like to get into... volleyball girl its a no brainer for me!! that is just amazing!! i can only imagine wearing those super tight shorts in public....showing my ass and my covered pussy.... bending over and showing my well defined pussy to all the guys....yumm!!
Another one of today's fantasies include dressing up in super sexy clubbing outfits, short tight skirts, pantyhose, high heels...going for drinks and grinding up the boys!!! rubbing my ass against their hardened cocks...letting them feel me up as we dance...soooo amaazing!! i want it!!