Friday, April 20, 2012

This is how its going down tonight!


Ok, sooo...first things first... Let's gather all my sexy clothing, heels, makeup and girly accessories.
All my favorite high heels, and lingerie are sorted out by color combinations and for different occasions...

Next Step, (and one of my favorites )  Lingerie Time!!!
Bring on the sexy panties, matching bras, silky pantyhose, stockings, garter belts and pair them up with sexy high heels..I could do this all day loong!

I want to wear a super sexy lingerie set under one of these dresses, can you imagine the surprise!! yumm!!

 And now, once all dresses up, make up on, wig...(jacked off a couple times) its of course sexy pictures time!! I'll take a multitude of self shot pics that never see the light of day btw... me in from of the mirror, just like all the sexy girls do! 

After some dancing, modeling,  looking at me in the mirror, look at my ass wearing tight outfits..silky outfits, slutty outfits!! Its time to sit down for a while and go on the amazing internet and share all my experiences with other people...maybe throw a bit of caming here and there while being Sexy Leslie....last but not least...time to fantasize about wild yummy sex...cock loving and fun times as a sexy slutty girl..I LOOOVE ITTT!!!!