Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let's go clubbing!!

Thi sounds like fun!
This has always been a fantasy of mine. A night out filled with fun, drinking and nonsense! Getting dressed in slutty outfits and just go out and dance, meet new people, be fun and careless! always with one goal in mind...being as girly as possible!! Let's flash the boys, lets flirt, let try and get some! lol

I loove pantyhose!

After a few drinks, and after dancing with the boys, grinding, feeling their hard cock pressing against my super horny body, we would start making out right there at the club, one guy, and move on to the next, letting them feel me up, touch me all over...

After many more drinks and getting to know the guys a bit better, I'd need to end the night with a good sucking and a good fuck. Sucking a strangers cock,  knowing that they're hard because of me, so much power, i can get them to do anything i want. I can use them to fulfill my fantasies, yumm!!!

CD Claire Bunni

She is by far my favorite youtube girl1 So sexy and very feminine!!! yumm!!